Gaming Mice for Nongamers

WANT TO UPGRADE your computer’s mouse to a model that can keep up with your power Web surfing and spreadsheet making? Follow the cues of the most experienced clickers on the planet: avid gamers.

The mice purpose-built for this demanding market have buttons that can handle hundreds of clicks a minute, and are outfitted with more sensitive sensors that allow you to aim your pointer with more precision, all but eliminating the tedious lifting and dragging that’s sometimes required to get your pointer across a large screen.

With finely tuned weight balances and ergonomics that have been time-tested by devoted gamers, these mice are also especially comfortable. And don’t let the color-changing lights on some models put you off; the feature can easily be disabled. Once you experience the superior build quality of these Mac- and PC-compatible mice, it’s hard to surf with anything lesser.

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