Gizmodo on Future of Razer

How a Mouse Company Might Become King of the PC Jungle

Last week, I said something crazy, that Razer's kind of insane Project Fiona gaming tablet is the future of PC gaming. I guess I should explain a little.

It's not that Fiona itself is literally the future of PC gaming—a tablet with a pair of joysticks bolted to the side is the PC equivalent of a reject from the Island of Dr. Moreau. (Though I did have a grand time playing Fiona.) It's everything that Fiona represents.

“A couple of years ago we realized that the PC giants weren't innovating anymore. They kind of stopped,” argues Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. Surveying the PC landscape over the last couple of years, well, things were looking a little grim. I mean, the largest PC maker in the world tried to sell its PC business. The insane things, like the Dell Adamo and HP's Voodoo brand? Killed. There are a couple of exceptions, of course, even in PC gaming—we really loved Dell-owned Alienware's m11x micro gaming rig, for instance. But by and large it's been true. Why take the risk? Even the new-and-improved ultrabook onslaught from last week, which delivered some beautiful machines, clearly descend from the MacBook Air and spring from a hefty bankroll from Intel.

Then there's the Blade…

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