MYM Visited Razer

After a visit at the Razer European headquarters in Hamburg, our main sponsor Razer is delighted to give away a brand new Razer Blackwidow Ultimate to a reader. Check our great video production inside! caught up with Razer in their European headquarters in Hamburg. We have put together a little video for you to give you a little tour of our sponsors headquarters and also to let you know why we have a trusted relationship with Razer. If you want to see an interesting Interview with Germany Timo Helmke (PR Executive Razer), some nice impressions of the Razer office and some gaming action with our very own Sweden Johan 'NaNiwa' Lucchesi you definately should watch our great video production!



In order to celebrate the relationship between MYM and Razer, Razer gives one reader the unique chance to win the brand new Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, a top quality keyboard worth $129.99.

This keyboard is advanced compared to other keyboards on the market as it is a mechanical keyboard, a different source of engineering behind the keyboard halves the reaction time of the keys and also makes them extremely light, offering the best quality available for any occasion of every gamer. Mechanical keyboards also offer a longer life expectancy, meaning this keyboard will remain in your hands for a very long time and there is no need to buy new products every year. In fact, this keyboards life expectancy has been tested; it is said that the keyboard can live up to 10 years and longer (by a very active gamer) and that throughout the 10 years the keyboard will hold the same ease and smoothness of they keys as it has on the day you bought it.

One of the most important asset of the keyboard is the “on the fly” macro key which enables you to program your macro without the need of a driver or software. Your macros will directly be saved onto the keyboards onboard memory which enables you to take your keyboard to different events and locations without losing your settings, similar to the Razer m

In order to win this keyboard it's very simple. Write a comment here below to let us know why you deserve a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard and why you want one. A winner will then be chosen and be a proud owner of this unique Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. The winner will be announced on the 15th of October 2010!

For further information about the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate just visit the product page.

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