Razer Blade Review Roundup

Razer seemed to achieve the impossible: cramming desktop PC performance into a laptop thinner than a dime. But how would the new Razer Blade stack-up to the competition in the hands of the American press, some of the toughest critics in the world? All concerns quickly faded on July 2, 2013, at 10 o’clock in the morning, when the review embargo for the new system was lifted. An outpouring of support from the U.S. media included awards, recommendations and unanimously positive reviews for what came to be regarded as one of the boldest products of the year.

Says Roy Furchgott of the New York Times, the new 14-inch laptop was “impressive enough that a dedicated console player shelved his Xbox in favor of the Blade.”

With a circulation of more than 8 million people, Game Informer’s July issue featured the Blade inside the “Gear” section. Editor Ben Reeves gushed over Razer’s latest advent in the systems space,“Razer took everything we loved about its 17-inch gaming laptop and squeezed it into a 0.66-inch aluminum chassis.”

The notoriously fickle tech editors also warmed to the Blade’s merits, as the system took home accolades from PC Magazine (Editor’s Choice), Digital Trends and Mashable. Says Wired, “So, what’s not to like? I mean that literally. (The Blade is) nearly flawless; buy it now.” The Verge echoed those sentiments, saying, “there’s nothing that can game, then get up and go, quite like the 14-inch Blade.”

But perhaps Kyle Wagner at Gizmodo said it best with the headline of his Blade review, “Now This Is How You Make a Damn Windows Laptop.”


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