Razer Integrates WeChat Into Its Nabu Wearable, Says It Should Hit U.S. for Under $100

Hardware maker Razer said late Wednesday that it is adding support for WeChat into its forthcoming wearable device, the Nabu smartband.

In addition to getting notifications on the device, WeChat and Razer are exploring how users could exchange contacts by, say, shaking hands or giving a high-five. Nabu owners will also be able to compare fitness stats with fellow WeChat users.

But all of this functionality depends on other people using the Nabu, too, and getting consumers to choose it over the myriad of devices coming from the likes of Samsung, Motorola and LG (not to mention Apple’s upcoming iWatch) will be a huge challenge.

Click here to check out the full article: http://recode.net/2014/07/23/razer-integrates-wechat-into-its-nabu-wearable-says-should-hit-u-s-for-under-100/

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