Razer Summer Tradeshow Report

E3, the world’s largest gaming tradeshow, was expected to be dominated by console news this year. Instead it was Razer—a PC company run by gamers, for gamers—that stood head and shoulders above the tech world had to offer.

The Razer Blade’s public debut didn’t disappoint, as the 14-inch laptop was nominated for three awards at the expo, including IGN’s “Coolest Tech” award and Machinima’s “Best Hardware” honor. The Blade Pro garnered some local love, as well, with The Hollywood Reporter saying Razer’s 17-inch model, “pack(s) big processing power and memory chips into (a) lightweight package – must-have items for digital creatives on the go.”

Both the Razer Blade and Blade Pro laptops were on display at E3 2013 for tens of thousands of attendees to get hands-on time, playing some of the hottest titles on the planet’s most powerful, portable PC systems.

The ravenous Razer following was also treated to quite a show by Razer’s community pros, posting the relevant happenings on the showfloor and working into the wee hours of each night, creating some of the most-viewed videos emanating from the Los Angeles Convention Center. Working hand-in-hand with YouTube celebrity Syndicate, Razer’s crew launched a summer contest that included oodles of award-winning Razer gear, with a grand prize featuring a coveted Razer Blade.

Finally, Razer’s branding team outdid itself with product seeding. Razer collaborated with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, including Electronic Arts, Bethesda and NVIDIA. Razer’s iconic green logo glowed in partner booth across both halls, resonating the fact that PC gaming is poised, ready and able to battle the new generation of consoles for gaming supremacy now and for years to come.


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