Razer Surround: A 360-degree Sonic Upgrade to Any Stereo Headset

Turn any set of headphones—Razer or otherwise—into a virtual surround sound experience with Razer Surround. This unique software solution is independent of hardware requirements and works on any PC. Equally exciting, the Razer Surround platform allows users to calibrate sound profiles for their specific hearing traits and then save these setting on the cloud.

Barely out of the gates, Razer Surround has garnered top awards from across the globe. Razer Surround was downloaded more than 250,000 times in its first week, with as many individuals’ calibrations saved to the cloud.

Press coverage of Razer Surround went global and included sites like IGN, Polygon, Gizmodo, Mashable, PC Advisor, Hardware Heaven, Aquí Show, El Waiko, Nota Interesante, Tech Fieber and Daily Maven.

“Razer Surround works with every version of Windows from XP onward; so if you’ve been living in stereo, grab it now to get a taste of what you’ve been missing.” – Alex Wawro, PC World

“Now, Razer is notching another bit of software in its belt: Razer Surround, an audio engine that delivers 7.1 virtual surround sound through any stereo headset.” – Michelle Fitzsimmons, Techradar

Razer Surround is the latest software advent from Razer. With close to 4 million individuals using the Razer’s proprietary online services, including Comms, Game Booster and Synapse 2.0, the company continues its commitment to gaming software innovation. Right now there are more software engineers in the Razer ranks than there are hardware engineers.

In the spirit of increasing the quality of gaming experiences for players worldwide, Razer continues to avail its unrivaled software resources to industry peers and consumers alike. As with its systems, peripherals and audio products, if gamers want it, Razer will do its best to make it. Programs are already in place with game publishers like BigPoint, Red 5 Studios, Turbine Inc., Edge of Reality and others, providing in-game items, skins, beta codes and more to users. Future efforts in the space will increasingly integrate program technology into upcoming games, developer programs, partner projects and Cult of Razer interests.


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