Razer to double its workforce

Razer to double its workforce

Dominic Sacco

Razer to double its workforce

Pro gaming outfit Razer wants to up its headcount from 300 to 600 next year.

The accessories manufacturer behind high-end PC products says it is growing at an “incredible” rate, with big sales of its licensed products.

The company is behind the official PC accessories designed to tie-in with Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic and more.

“Razer is growing at an incredible speed,” Razer CEO and creative director Min-Liang Tan told MCV.

“We now have over 300 employees worldwide and are looking to double that figure in the next year. Our product portfolio is also growing exponentially.“

Licensed products are always a great opportunity. When we started creating Old Republic peripherals, we wanted to offer gamers an unrivalled advantage. The biggest challenge always is to make the peripherals a real extension of the game.”

Razer products are distributed to UK retailers by Realtime Distribution.


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