Razer Unveils Its $100 Android-Powered Gaming Console, Razer Forge TV

Earlier this year, high-end gaming tech company Razer announced at Google I/O that it would be soon be making its first foray into Android-based gaming consoles. Today at CES, that device made its public debut. The Razer Forge TV is a micro-console, 4×4 inches and selling for $100, and Razer hopes it will give the company three new routes into your living room: as a platform for hardcore PC gaming, for Android gaming, and for Android-based entertainment services via Google Play. The Razer Forge TV is due out in Q1.

Alongside the Forge TV, Razer’s also unveiling a string of other products: a couple of Bluetooth-based peripherals — the Serval gaming controller and the Turret keyboard and magnetised mouse; the Nabu X, a “basic alternative” to its Nabu smartband that will sell for as little as $20 to registered Razer Insiders ($50 to others); and a new VR headset and “Android-inspired” open source virtual reality initiative, in partnership with several other hardware makers.

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