TIME Tech: Razer Edge Hands-On: A Modular Tablet for PC Gamers

For north of $1,500, the Razer Edge could be your next tablet, game console, laptop and desktop — and a way to play high-end PC games from pretty much anywhere.

Razer, which has dabbled in making its own PCs but is mostly known for gaming peripherals, has spent the last year refining its concept for a powerful gaming tablet. We first got a glimpse of this concept, formerly dubbed “Project Fiona,” at CES 2012, when Razer showed off a tablet with game control handles attached to its sides. The idea was to bring portability to the kinds of games people play at home, like Call of Duty and Skyrim. The Razer Edge is the end result of Razer’s experiments.

“We wanted something that wasn’t Angry Birds,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s CEO, co-founder and creative director. (more)


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