Top Korean StarCraft II player Joins Team Razer

SlayerS_BoxeR to represent gaming peripheral team alongside other tournament players.

The Starcraft 2 competitive scene is gradually getting bigger across the globe, and as such, tournament-level players are doing their best to secure sponsorships from various gaming brands and peripherals able and financially willing.

Lim Yo-Hwan, better known as “SlayerS_BoxeR” in the Starcraft tournament scene across the world, will now be representing Team Razer in the e-sports gaming circuit. He will be sponsored by the game peripheral company and will be working alongside teams under the Razer banner like Taiwan's Wayi Spider and Germany's Mousesports.

The tournament player, dubbed as the “Terran Emperor” by fans, is known for displaying high-level Starcraft play using the game's Terran race. He currently holds the most broadcasted wins in Starcraft games, earning them in leagues like the Ongamenet Starleague, World Cyber Games, and KT-KTF Premiere league.


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