Want Your PC Games to Cost Less and Run Better? Razer Wants to Help

PC hardware company Razer has announced a new software platform, Razer Cortex, that wants to insert itself into the center of your PC gaming routine. The free service, which is now in an early access period ahead of its launch in September, will offer a variety of disparate features–like managing save games and saving you money–that appear to be part of an effort to ensure Cortex does at least one thing that you'll find useful.

Almost all of Cortex's features are available to some degree in other software or websites, but this brings them all together in one place. Cortex can be used to launch your games and share content from them to places like Facebook and YouTube. It allows you to record video without any watermarks or restrictions on time, framerate, or resolution–as is often the case with other free software that lets you capture game footage. Provided it works well, this could be reason enough for many people to begin using Cortex.

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