Why Razer Spent $380K Redesigning The USB Port

The gaming company Razer, best known for its gaming accessories like super-precise lag-free mice and keyboards, announced a new laptop today, the second generation of its super-powerful 14-inch gaming laptop, the Blade. I sat down with Min Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer, to learn about the upgraded design and amidst Tan's chatting about the phenomenal speed and power of the new Blade, Min also mentioned that his company had spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” designing the USB ports on the laptop.

USB ports don't typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to design. In fact, they don't typically cost a single dollar to design. They need to be of one size, to fit all the gadgets that plug into them, and they've been around long enough that any of a hundred factories in China and Taiwan will churn them out for pennies at most. You buy them, you shove them in your laptop. You certainly don't bother thinking much about them. So what the hell was Min doing?

Read more about the crazy design and innovation happening at Razer by checking out Fast Company's story here.

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