ESL Starcraft II Female Champion Linda Liao Joins Team Razer


ESL StarCraft II Female Champion Linda Liao Joins Team Razer

Razer announces its sponsorship of the multi-talented celebrity-gamer at the Taipei Game Show 2011

Linda Liao

Taipei Game Show, Taiwan, February 18, 2011 –  Razer, the world’s leading precision gaming brand today, has now added StarCraft II’s top female player and Taiwanese artiste Linda Liao to its stable of professional gamers. This sponsorship deal represents Razer’s interest in Taiwan’s vibrant eSports scene, following its collaboration with Taiwan’s top gaming team Wayi Spider last year.

 “We’re very pleased to announce our sponsorship of Linda Liao, who has proven herself to be an excellent pro-gamer, as well as a celebrity in her own right,” says Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director of Razer. “Female pro players are rare in the field, and Linda is at the very top of the ranks. We’re proud to have her represent our StarCraft II peripherals, and welcome her warmly to Team Razer.”

“I’ve been a fan of Razer products for a long time; they design the best gaming peripherals, which give me the competitive edge in my game,” says Linda.  “To me, the collaboration with Razer is a mutual one, and becoming an official member of Team Razer is a like a dream come true!”

An avid gamer, Linda started playing StarCraft II competitively in early 2010. Her passion for gaming and dedication finally paid off with an epic showdown in the final of the Electronic Sports League (ESL) Starcraft II female championship later that year. Linda “Pikachu” Liao emerged the Grand Champion after beating 31 other opponents – cementing her place firmly in the gaming community.

An avid gamer, Linda’s StarCraft II records are mindboggling. She has clocked in over 800 ladder matches excluding those on European servers to refine her skills, matched with hours of watching South Korean pro-gamer replays. Her APM (Actions Per Minute) hovers at an average of 220, a figure she’s constantly improving upon. To gain a further advantage, she studies online forums to gather tips and hints from other StarCraft enthusiasts. As a result of her dedication she has mastered the Protoss race, showing an uncanny understanding of the race coupled with an intrinsic knowledge of the game.

With her newfound partnership with Razer, Linda now has the opportunity to further improve her game and become a true StarCraft legend.


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