FM-eSports, UK-Based Organization, Strengthen International Team Razer Roster


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CARLSBAD, Calif. – Nov. 27, 2012 – Razer™, one of the world’s pioneering supporters of e-Sports, and FM-eSports, home to some of the United Kingdom and Portugal’s most talented professional gamers, announce a new partnership that aims to develop and expand e-Sports in the United Kingdom.

FM-eSports has grown into one of Europe’s most successful and popular teams of today—the home to one of the United Kingdom’s most dominant Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams along with one of Portugal’s most impressive rosters, in addition to a plethora of talented British StarCraft II players and an ever-growing number of community teams

With a handful of Multiplay iSeries and XL Party Portugal victories to boot, FM-eSports is equally known for their amicable reputation in the wider community, as the team caters to a more casual audience through their community teams in League of Legends and Counter-Strike, in addition to their high-caliber teams that compete globally.

“FM-eSports have grown into one of the UK’s premier e-Sports organizations for some time now, doing fantastic things with their community and nurturing some of Europe’s most competitive pro-gaming teams,” said Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff, president of Razer USA. “We’re excited to see what further steps they will take toward total domination of the UK scene, building off their already strong CSGO and SC2 lineups.”

Darren Ball, owner and CEO of FM-eSports, said: “Razer continues to push the boundaries in gaming peripherals, producing some of the world’s most astounding keyboards, mice and headsets. I’d like to thank Razer for this opportunity and say that we’re all looking forward to working to promote some of the best equipment in the market today. When people have such a genuine passion for e-Sports and developing the best of the best, we are proud to be a part of it!”


About Razer:
Razer has been a pioneering supporter of e-Sports since its conception. It is in our blood and we are driven to further the culture of professional gaming in all that we do. We work hand in hand with our pros to forge weaponry for the players who stake their livelihood on podium placements. Our gear is designed to perform flawlessly in high-stress tournament conditions where winning is everything and mistakes cost championships. Those who compete with our equipment will attest – We live by our words: For Gamers. By Gamers.

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About FM-eSports:
“FM-eSports is a UK based professional gaming organisation that houses 20+ of Europe's elite gamers. From its humble beginnings as a community team in Counter Strike: Source, their passion for gaming and determination to be the best they can be has resulted in the growth that has seen them become one of the most well-known names in European eSports. Covering Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft 2, FIFA and League of Legends, their teams compete regularly in online and offline events in Europe’s most prestigious eSports tournaments consistently placing themselves on the podium.”

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Press contacts:
Christopher “Razer|Right” Mitchell
Razer e-Sports Manager
[email protected]

Alain Mazer
Global PR Director
[email protected]

Darren Ball
CEO and Owner
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