OSVR Announces Intel Participation in OSVR

OSVR Announces Intel Participation in OSVR


San Francisco, Intel Developer Forum – Organizers of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality devices, today announced Intel as the newest participant in the OSVR platform.

OSVR’s mission to enable Virtual Reality technology for everyone through collaboration on an entirely open platform pushing the boundaries of this still nascent technology.

“Intel is opening up all kinds of new opportunities for developers with depth sensing, and this brings amazing new interactions especially in the realms of virtual reality,” said Achin Bhowmik, vice president and general manager of Intel Perceptual Computing. “We are excited to work with developers of OSVR to enable them with Intel RealSense technology and bring interactive experiences to VR.”

Intel will be working with OSVR supporters in providing access to Intel RealSense technology to develop intuitive Virtual and Augmented Reality applications in gaming and other areas.

“We’re incredibly excited to work with Intel and OSVR on advancing the development of virtual reality with Intel RealSense Technology,” says Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics. “We’ve only seen a glimpse of how VR will change our lives and we look forward to make great strides in taking it to the next level with OSVR.”


OSVR @ Intel Developer Forum
OSVR will be showing early prototype demos using the Intel® RealSense™ technology at the Intel Developer Forum 2015 in San Francisco with Intel and Razer. The demos will feature a modified OSVR Hacker Dev Kit and powered by computers based on Intel processors.


About OSVR:
OSVR™ is a software platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality input devices, games and output to provide the best possible VR game experience. Supported by industry leaders, the OSVR framework unites developers and gamers alike under a single platform. Plug in. Play Everything.

For the full list of OSVR supporters go to www.osvr.com.

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