OSVR Opens Development Roadmap and Releases HDK Production Files


Community to help drive Open Source Virtual Reality software development; additional partners and universities announced


LAVAL, FRANCE (LAVAL VIRTUAL 2015) – Organizers of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a software platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality devices, today released the OSVR Hacker Developer Kit (HDK) production file and the OSVR development roadmap.

The OSVR HDK is a hackable head-mounted display offering high-quality optics that work to reduce distortion in virtual environments. Any user can view production files of the OSVR HDK and the developer roadmap, streamlining the efforts of those that want to make their own hardware based on its design.

“With the release of the OSVR development roadmap, the process for creating new VR hardware and software on the platform can be accelerated significantly,” says Michael Lee, VP of software at Razer. “We welcome the support of VR enthusiasts everywhere.”

Additionally, OSVR partners announced eight new supporting partners and seven additional universities joining the coalition. OSVR has now grown to over 90 supporting companies and research institutes since its launch in January.

“OSVR offers variety and choice in peripherals, programming models and now hardware designs, all fueled by our diverse partner base and the ingenuity in the open-source community,” says Yuval Boger, CEO at Sensics, a founding contributor to OSVR. “We look forward to working with the community to provide additional game engine plugins, hardware interfaces, and intelligent real-time analysis capabilities.”

Interested developers can learn more at http://osvr.github.io/contributing/.


New OSVR Supporters:
3rd Planet is a new media company that provides the travel and tourism industry an interactive 3D platform to show travel destinations of the world. They are embarking on a wonders of the world project to showcase some of the best destinations of 2015.

About Face VR is dedicated to enhancing user comfort in virtual reality by creating premium ergonomic accessories for head mounted displays.

Aurora Gaming is a gaming lounge entirely dedicated to VR, showcasing new and upcoming VR software and hardware to a wide audience.

Avnet provides customers around the world with the electronic components, enterprise computer solutions, services and embedded technology they need to grow their businesses.

CSRV provides 3D virtual reality application development to multimedia content production staffs, including communication and marketing, design, training and scientific research. The technology allows its users to navigate the virtual environment in real-time. 

Kinoki360 creates entertainment content and experiences based upon 360° photography and video for agencies or clients in a photorealistic approach.

Media Ventures owns leading premium online video channels spanning four continents. Covering Hollywood, entertainment and global news, its in-house producers interview the world’s top celebrities and newsmakers.

Sparc Interactive is using virtual reality technology on numerous projects including recreation of historical events, interactive vacation touring, and creating VR cinema with VFX studio partners.  

TwoBigEars focuses on improving implementation and design of VR audio by providing access to real-time tools using spatial audio, geometry based reflections, environmental modelling and occlusion.

Vertigo Games is currently working on two VR projects: World of Diving, a VR-enabled online diving adventure exploration game.; and Skyworld, which brings back the basic, gameplay reminiscent of classics in a groundbreaking VR experience.

VirtualRealPorn is at the forefront of the new frontier of virtual reality pornography that is revolutionizing and reinventing the adult film industry. With vast experience creating stereoscopic adult entertainment for virtual reality technology in the adult film industry.

ZeroLatencyVR creates free-roam, wireless VR experiences by using wearable technology and motion capture to allow players to explore virtual spaces like they do real life.

Additional universities joining the OSVR academic program:
Aalborg University, Denmark
Clemson University, USA
Columbia University, USA
Oklahoma State University, USA
University College Cork, Ireland
University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA


About OSVR:
OSVR™ is a software platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality input devices, games and output to provide the best possible VR game experience. Supported by industry leaders, the OSVR framework unites developers and gamers alike under a single platform.

For the full list of OSVR supporters and more information, go to www.osvr.com.

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