Razer™ and Partners Offer Aid To Quake Victims in China

These contributions are a part of Razer’s global effort to help the communities that shaped the company to what it is today


China, Beijing – June 05, 2008 – Razer™, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle electronics peripherals, today announced the company’s intention to help communities in need, such as the victims of the earthquake in the Sichuan province of China.

The earthquake in the Sichuan province of China left devastation in its wake. As of 10am on June 05,  69,122 have lost their lives to this natural disaster, 17,991 are still missing, 373,606 are wounded, and even more in the Sichuan province are still being affected by this tragedy, including family members of Team Razer, Razer’s sponsored pro gamers. Razer will auction a range of WE.Sky’s autographed gaming peripherals on paipai.com, one of China’s largest online auction sites, to raise funds to rebuild schools and hospitals in the Sichuan province.   

The online auction will begin on June 09 for a week to June 15 2008. Each day, 1 suite of gaming peripherals consisting of a Razer Krait (gaming mouse), a Razer Tarantula (gaming keyboard), a Razer Piranha (gaming headset) and a Razer Mantis Speed (gaming mouse mat), each bearing WE.Sky’s signature, will be auctioned off. The starting bid for this entire suite of peripherals is 1RMB, and each bid’s minimum increment is 50RMB.   

Additionally, the staff of Razer and their Chinese distribution partner, Buysir, have rallied together to commit 300,000RMB in cash aid to the victims of the earthquake. This will be given to two organizations, the Red Cross Society of China, and to the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF), whose focus is on rebuilding schools and hospitals in the quake affected areas.  


Quote from WE.Sky:
“It’s a terrible tragedy for China and so many have lost their lives. I feel for all the victims and their family, and hope, in my little way, to be able to help them cope with their loss and get on bravely with their lives,” commented WE.Sky.

Quote from Razer’s president:
“Many have lost their lives and homes to the earthquake in China. It’s a terrible disaster and as Razer expands, we have a moral responsibility to do something for the community that has done so much for us.” said Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president of Razer. ”As part of this obligation to return to the community, we will be putting an internal charitable movement into place, where we will be helping out in the future, whenever the community is in need.”  

Funds disbursement
300,000RMB in cash aid will be given directly to the Red Cross Society of China and the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF), who will see to the distribution of funds to the quake victims. Proceeds from the online charity auction will be handed to the CYDF to aid in the immediate rebuilding of schools and hospitals.

For more information on the online auction at paipai.com, please visit http://shop.paipai.com/929602367

For more information on the Red Cross Society of China, please visit www.redcross.org.cn

For more information on the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF), please visit www.cydf.org.cn

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