Meet the Razer Kitsune: Redefining Fighting Game Experiences with Optical Precision

I am steeped in the culture of fighting games so it feels like destiny that I get to introduce you to a project that I’m so incredibly fortunate to have helped create.

My journey with fighting games started with Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 1 back in the 90s, and my love for the genre has been a relentless engine in my life ever since.

Over the years, this passion led me to the frontlines of the fighting game community (FGC)/esports scene. Traveling to tournaments such as EVO, Combo Breaker, CEO, Tokyo Game Show, and more, I’ve been fortunate to make a career of it as well as developing peripherals for major players in the FGC community near and far.  

It’s in this spirit that I’m thrilled to finally unveil a project that we at Razer have been passionately crafting the arcade controller that’s poised to redefine the world of fighting games: the Razer Kitsune. 

Designed with a deep understanding of the needs of the fighting game community, and in partnership with some top FGC pros, the Kitsune is an innovative, all-button optical arcade controller designed for the PlayStation®5 console and PC.  

So, what sets the Razer Kitsune apart from your average fight stick?
It’s simple: precision and performance.  The traditional fight stick has evolved into a device focusing on these key aspects. With a unique quad movement button layout, the Kitsune eliminates joystick mishaps, heralding a new era of precise, unambiguous gameplay. This novel approach to button configuration promises to be the competitive edge pro fighting game players have been seeking. 

At the heart of the Kitsune, are the groundbreaking Razer™ Low-profile Linear Optical Switches. With their shorter actuation height and lightning-fast response time, these switches deliver the speed and precision crucial to master your combos and control the neutral. The Razer Kitsune is more than an evolution; it’s a revolution that leaves the traditional push buttons of standard fight sticks in the past. 

In our pursuit of precision and performance, we understood the importance of aligning with the standards set by the fighting game community. In this light, we collaborated closely with Capcom during the development of the Razer Kitsune. This collaborative effort ensured that the Kitsune not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of tournament-level play. It abides by all Capcom Pro Tour standards, including compliance with their latest simultaneous opposite cardinal directional input rules. This distinction makes Kitsune a trusted choice for tournaments and legitimizes its role in competitive fighting games. 

Our long-standing involvement in the FGC and esports scene, traveling to major Capcom Pro Tour tournaments, and working with their tournament organizers was instrumental in fostering this collaboration. Drawing from these experiences, we’ve made certain that the Kitsune stands up to the rigorous demands of the highest levels of competition. 


Our vision for the Kitsune was to create a controller that works for everyone—whether you’re a globetrotting pro or a regular at local tournaments. Its slim, leverless design allows for easy transport and a hassle-free setup, thanks to its detachable USB Type C cable. 

But the Razer Kitsune represents more than just an arcade controller; it’s a symbol of how we at Razer aim to merge optical precision and superior gaming performance. It’s an ultra-combo set to reshape the way you experience fighting games. 


This is just a glimpse into what we have in store with the Razer Kitsune. With Street Fighter 6 hitting the shelves soon and the next era of fighting games on the horizon, I can’t wait to share more about the exciting developments we have in store.
Until then, stay tuned! 

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The Razer Kitsune is developed under the official licensing program for PlayStation®, and will work with the PlayStation®5 console subject to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s final product approval
*PC compatibility not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. “PlayStation” and “PS” Family logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
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