Razer™ Launches Global Dota Championship Series


Carlsbad, Calif. – June 26, 2008 – Razer™, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle electronics peripherals, announced today that they are the title sponsor of Garena’s global DOTA Championship tournaments; Razer ENADC (Europe North American DOTA Championship), Razer EEDC (East Europe DOTA Championship) and Razer ADC (Asia DOTA Championship), as well as the Razer DreamCup in China, which plays out on the standard Warcraft III map.

As the title sponsor, Razer will be running the tournament in conjunction with Garena and sponsoring the cash purse for the winners of all four tournaments.

Ten teams will battle it out during the Razer ADC, scheduled to take place from July 02, 2008 until September 24. Some participating teams include EHOME and CaNt from China, XcN from Indonesia, xDT from Korea, Kingsurf and mKvL-RoA from Malaysia, Mineski from Philippines, Zenith from Singapore, ng.Gz from Thailand and StarsBoba from Vietnam. Season two of the Razer ENADC will begin in July 2008 and take place over the next four months, while season two of the Razer EEDC will start in October 2008, also for a period of four months. Season Four of the Razer DreamCup is slated to take place in September 2008, and will play out over 11 weeks.

Quote from Razer’s president
“Garena has been running hugely successful DOTA tournaments for the past two seasons. Both organizations have a common vision and believe strongly in the growth of e-sports. Razer is happy to support the gaming community by taking up the title sponsorship of this global Warcraft III championship series as it gives rising e-sports stars an opportunity to prove themselves on a global stage,” said Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president of Razer.

Quote from Garena’s CEO
"Garena fills a niche in the global gaming phenomenon by providing a viable platform for gamers all over the world to connect and compete. Three years ago we started the first ADC, and have since then, expanded the tournament to Eastern Europe and North America. Razer has always given back to the gaming community and having Razer on board as the title sponsor is great for the championship and it bodes well for the future of e-sports," said Forrest Li, CEO of Garena.

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