The Multi-Award Winning Razer Mako Wows Critiques And Audiophiles

Get inside the audio revolution which has the gaming and audio community standing up and taking note
Carlsbad, Calif. – July 17, 2008 –  Razer ™, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming peripherals, is proud to announce the Razer Mako has been universally acclaimed by the media and  public alike. Admired for its simple, elegant aesthetics and impressive acoustics, the Razer Mako has taken the audio community by storm, equally wowing critics and audiophile connoisseurs.
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2007, the Razer Mako was named “Most Innovative” by Wired. Audioholics also awarded the Razer Mako with one of their highest honors; the Audioholics A/V Online Magazine’s Consumer Excellence Award in 2007. Renowned film and television producer / director Barry Sonnenfeld was also impressed with the Razer Mako, declaring that they were his favorite speakers in his speaker roundup with Esquire magazine. 
Other accolades for the Razer Mako
Lifestyle critics:

  • Maxim Online – “By far the ultimate desktop sound system we’ve ever experienced.”
  • GQ – “It offers a major leap forward in desktop audio.”
  • The Perfect Vision – “The Mako rig is compact, adorably styled, and produces broad, deep soundstages and a surprising measure of clarity.”
  • Stuff TV (UK) – “The best PC speakers money can buy.”
  • AUDIO (Germany) – “The Razer Mako is one of the best desktop sets I know.”
  • AV HD (France) – “The Razer Mako is one of the best 2.1 speaker systems we have tested.”

Technology-centric media:

  • PC Magazine – ‘Editor’s Choice’ award.
  • Gizmodo – “Best 2.1 speaker system ever.”
  • PC Gamer – “Excellent, the result is very smooth, immersive audio that seems to emanate from everywhere.”
  • Engadget – “Razer and THX have a winner on their hands.”
  • Maximum PC – “The Mako’s subwoofer kicks all kinds of ass.”
  • Netzwelt (Germany) – “Powerful bass, great sound, innovative technology.”
  • Windows News Magazine (France) – ‘Editor’s Choice’ award, “tones are crystalline and very precise, and the subwoofer is very powerful. To play music or games, these speakers are perfect.”

Gaming-centric media:

  • GamePro – “The best set of 2.1 speakers we have ever tested.”
  • Gaming Nexus – ‘Editor’s Choice’ award, “the Razer Mako is more than capable of providing a fantastic multimedia experience for gaming consoles and even TV.”
  • PC Games Hardware (Germany) – “Razer Mako: Mighty bass and noble design.”
  • Play Reaction (Malta) – ‘Editor’s Choice’ and ‘Aesthetic Design’ award, “Razer has a definite winner with the Razer Mako.”
  • Tweak Up (Denmark) – “To the Razer Mako … I have to give the cleanest 100% (rating) I ever will give to a 2.1 speaker set.”

The Razer Mako is an audio experience that has to be heard to be believed. The implementation of THX Ground Plane™ technology and ClassHD™ amplification have culminated in a speaker system that has been globally acclaimed for its crystalline clarity and rich bass. Combining the THX Slot Speaker™ with the THX Ground Plane technologies eliminate distortion caused by the ‘desk-bounce’ phenomenon commonly faced by conventional speaker systems, while creating a rich, omni-directional soundstage where immersive sound seems to emanate from every corner of the room.
“This is Razer’s first foray into audiophile speakers and the Razer Mako has been a huge success. Many gamers and critics are surprised by the immense power and crisp acoustic clarity coming from a simple 2.1 speaker system, and we have proven with the Razer Mako that the Razer brand is not only confined to gaming peripherals, but has also become synonymous with the best desktop interactive audio experience possible,” said Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president of Razer.
“The Razer Mako challenges the notion that all multimedia speakers must look and sound the same,” said Laurie Fincham, Chief Scientist and vice president of R&D at THX. “The THX Ground Plane and Slot Speaker technologies set the Mako apart, making it arguably the most innovative desktop speaker system available today. Those who purchase the Mako will find that it delivers powerful, room-filling sound with a level of quality that they would expect from THX.”
More in-depth information on the THX technologies powering the Razer Mako can be found at, which is a newly-launched site that has THX’s chief scientist, Laurie Fincham explaining the compelling technologies behind the Razer Mako.
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