Razer Blade Review (14-inch)

Razer was a company that simply built gaming peripherals — mice, keyboards, headphones, and mousepads. That changed last year. In March 2012, it released the Razer Blade, proclaiming it had built the “world’s first true gaming laptop.” The original 17-inch Blade was an attempt to prove that gaming machines didn’t need to be chunky slabs.

Fast forward to 2013 with Razer’s third laptop, and it looks like a peripheral manufacturer might actually be setting a new bar for the PC. The new 14-inch Razer Blade is thinner than many ultrabooks, but manages to run both a quad-core Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics simultaneously at full bore. It’s a portable, powerful machine, and it could be the first to truly straddle the worlds of work and play.

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