Test: Razer Orochi

The most important aspect when I am testing a portable gaming mouse is the quality of build. I've tested several mice, both portable and normal sized. So far I haven't found any with the quality to last extensive transportation. After a short time of repeatedly being shaken around in my backpack they all deteriorate considerably. 


Razer has found an easy and impressive solution to my problem. Included with the mouse is a small pouch the same size and figure as the mouse that can be zipped closed. This is soft and gives effective protection to the mouse even in rough conditions. It also protects against various rubble and dust that might be inside my bag.


As all mice made for portability Orochi is very limited in size. Most probably like me have hands that simply don't fit those tiny mice that they produce for laptops and portability. When the purpose is gaming things can obviously get extra tricky and tiny. However, are you looking for a portable gaming mouse; buy this one!”


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