[Yesky] Razer Onza TE review

After the try-out, I’ll give a “Good” to Razer Onze TE because of its features and performance. Thanks to the rubberized surface, the grip is much better than the original one. The short travel action(A/B/X/Y) buttons provide a quicker response, but I do concern if these buttons are able to stay alive after long & hard game sessions. Another awesome feature is the adjustable resistance analog sticks, this is helpful for FPS games, PES and some similar games. The two additional programmable buttons – RMFB/LMFB are a little bit too close to RB/LB, but you can surely avoid misoperation after getting used to, and the key remapping  brings an easy frag.

After all, though Razer Onza TE is a little bit more expensive than original Xbox 360 controller, these features and optimization still makes the gaming controller worth buying, especially for gamers who are not satisfied with the performance of the original ones.

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Razer Onza TE

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