IGN: Why Razer Lets Fans Decide its Gaming Tablet’s Fate and Future

Razer has allowed its fans to voice their opinions about nearly every aspect of their forthcoming Project Fiona. Why?

Razer's tablet prototype, Project Fiona, has been the center in an increasingly unique production tale. The tablet was originally shown at CES in January of 2012 running a full Windows OS on a 10.1″ display, powered by a Core i7 processor, and boasting a potential late 2012 release.

But in early October, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan posted a picture of the tablet, stating they would be producing Project Fiona if the picture received 10,000 likes in 7 days. While it might seem risky to hold your product hostage for Facebook Likes, Tan has over 139,000 Facebook subscribers, so it was probably a relatively safe stunt. If they couldn't drum up enough interest for people to Like the picture, then it's probably safe to say Razer fans wouldn't buy it. (more)


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