Team Razer Targets South America for Further Expansion


Razer announces new partnership with top South American teams TargetDown and Pain Gaming.

For Immediate Release:

Carlsbad, Calif. – Oct. 29th, 2012Razer, one of the world’s pioneering supporters of e-Sports has partnered with two of South America’s best gaming organizations, TargetDown and Pain Gaming, to further commit to e-Sports within the region. Both organizations have a deep rooted history in South American e-Sports and house some of the best players in the region across multiple titles.

With the continued growth of the South America e-Sports scene it was a perfect time for Razer to partner up with additional organizations within South America. TargetDown members have a long history of winning events, with victories that date back to 2006 where they won the ESWC Grand Final.

“TargetDown is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that embodies everything we love about South American e-Sports.” said Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff, president of Razer USA. “With one of the best players in the world at the helm, Raphael “Cogu” Camargo, and a desire to be the best; we are happy to have TargetDown join their South American rivals Pain Gaming on Team Razer.”

The partnership will see Razer continue supporting South American e-Sports and give TargetDown the opportunity to focus on being the best they can possibly be. TargetDown will provide input during product development as well as represent Razer at major gaming tournaments around the world.

“I'm glad we have partnered with Razer” said Raphael ‘Cogu’ Camargo, Team Captain, “We now have the best equipment in our hands. I’m sure this will impact on our results and will make the difference in every game we play.”


About Razer:
Razer has been a pioneering supporter of e-Sports since its conception. It is in our blood and we are driven to further the culture of professional gaming in all that we do. We work hand in hand with our pros to forge weaponry for the players who stake their livelihood on podium placements. Our gear is designed to perform flawlessly in high-stress tournament conditions where winning is everything and mistakes cost championships. Those who compete with our equipment will attest that we live by our credo: For Gamers. By Gamers.

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About TargetDown:
TargetDown is a team dedicated to Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, created with the aim of promoting the game in Brazil, and getting the best results in World Counter-Strike:Global Offensive tournament scene. TargetDown has the best Brazilian team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive composed of renowned players in the National scene. Currently our captain is the famous Brazilian Rafael “Cogu” Camargo, a previous ESCW champion, among other major world championships.

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