RazerCon 2023: Pushing Boundaries, Unveiling Innovations, and Celebrating the Gaming Community

In the dynamic world of gaming, for Razer, few events stand as monumental as RazerCon. With each passing year, I’m proud to say that this global showcase of gaming excellence has evolved, highlighting not only Razer’s latest innovations, but the many pushed boundaries, advances, and changes within the industry. More importantly, it is a celebration of the community and the very people that drive it.

The Evolution of RazerCon: From 2020 to 2022

I’ve been a key contributor to RazerCon for multiple years, and since its inception in 2020 to its latest edition in 2023, it’s we’ve worked hard to ensure it’s an important event for the Razer community. We started RazerCon as a way to connect with fans during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s become an event that encapsulates the heart and soul of gaming culture at Razer, all the while maintaining its roots of being a community celebration. Since RazerCon 2020 and every RazerCon after, gamers, developers, tech and lifestyle enthusiasts alike tune in for the latest news and innovations from Razer.

RazerCon 2021 notably marked the world’s first carbon-neutral streaming event for gamers, and RazerCon 2022 saw a whopping 1.5 million viewers tune in to see Razer’s involvement in the future of mobile gaming, plus a host of new products and exclusive partnerships.

Past events have played host to luminaries, influencers, developers, and industry leaders who engaged in discussions that continue to push the development of gaming. These have been some of my favorite aspects of the show as they bring to the forefront the passion, innovation, and progress that we all share in driving the industry forward.

What to Expect at RazerCon 2023

We’re gearing up for a fantastic show. This year, the spirit of carbon-neutrality continues – aligning with Razer’s ambitious sustainability efforts to become a net-zero company by 2030.

Scheduled for September 21st, 2023, fans and gaming enthusiasts can expect another stellar show from Razer. Our CEO and Co-founder Min-Liang Tan will host and keynote the event starting at 10am PT where the community will find exclusive news and glimpses into upcoming Razer products and latest offerings.

RazerCon 2023 is not just about technology; it’s a celebration of our vibrant community. I invite you to join us on September 21 at 10am PT/ 7 pm CEST /September 22 at 1am SGT streamed live on Razer’s official Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Douyu, Douyin and bilibili.

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