The Mouse Bungee Returns To Keep Your Mouse In Check



Razer releases the Mouse Bungee with a new design for next-generation gamers

Carlsbad, Calif. – July 12th, 2011 – Back in ‘96, when Quake and rocket jumping were synonymous with skilled gaming, there was another product that helped gamers keep their competitive spirits revved and their mouse swiping optimal – the Mouse Bungee.  And now 15 years on, Razer, the world’s leading high-end precision gaming brand has taken this well-loved old-school accessory and given it a modern makeover to keep up with the next generation of professional gamers.

The product was so well-loved by Razer that when its inventor Ed Larkin expressed interest in joining the team back in 2010, it was the perfect opportunity to bring him into the fold.  Now Ed is part of Razer’s innovation team that forges new paths and progresses technological advancements for the betterment of gaming.

“Back in the old days, mice weren’t as well-made as today and the cord would tangle and drag against surfaces, a major source of annoyance for any serious gamer,” said Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff, President, Razer.  “Then the Mouse Bungee came along and solved all that by keeping the mouse cord off the ground so your swiping is optimally drag-free.  Razer’s proud to rejuvenate such an innovative contraption for next generation gamers looking to achieve the highest level of gaming performance with their mice.”

Outfitted with a stable, taut arm, the Razer Mouse Bungee threads your mouse cord through to keep it from dragging against surfaces or tangling.  This ensures your perfectly lined-up headshots aren’t messed up by unnecessary cord hindrance.  Anti-slip feet and a weight installed in the Razer Mouse Bungee’s base ensure it remains immobile no matter how aggressive your swipes.  Razer’s updated sleek design and pitch black finish makes it an essential space-saver and aesthetic addition to your gaming setup.

About the Razer Mouse Bungee
An exciting update to an old-school accessory, the Razer Mouse Bungee threads your mouse cord through its stable arm to prevent tangles or surface drags during swiping for improved game performance.  Anti-slip feet and a weighted center ensure the Razer Mouse Bungee remains stationary no matter how crazy you swipe.  Its sleek, space-saving design makes it an essential and aesthetic addition to any gaming setup.

Price: US$19.99 / EU€19.99

Availability: – Preorder Now

Shipping 28th July
Worldwide – July 2011

Product features:

  • Anti-slip feet
  • Rust-resistant taut spring arm to allow cable flex
  • Head grip for mouse cord management
  • Weighted base for stability
  • Space-saving structure

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About the Razer Group:

Razer is more than just the world’s leading brand in high-end precision gaming products, perpetually defining the gaming and technology space.  Founded in 1998 in Carlsbad, California, Razer is driven by the ceaseless pursuit for absolute precision and high usability in a distinctive, aesthetic design that will give gamers the edge they demand.  With labs and offices in seven cities around the world, Razer dedicates user interface research and development to bring cutting-edge technology to each and every product.  We live by our motto: For Gamers. By Gamers.

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