Meet The New Blade, Razer’s Laptop With A Serious Screen

Razer has built a number of Blade laptops, including an early, massive 17-inch device that cost $2,800. In 2013, Razer released a thin, 14 inch laptop that still contained impressive gaming guts. Best known for its gaming peripherals like high-end keyboards and mice, Razer had hit on a laptop design mix that people liked.

Reviews of the 2013 Blade were generally positive, though its screen was held up as a negative. In the age of Apple’s Retina displays, the market’s standards have been raised.

Enter Razer’s new Blade, which the company was kind enough to bring by the TechCrunch office for some hands-on time (they were also nice enough to bring along their CEO for a chat, which was quite polite of them). The main differences that you need to understand is that the display in the Blade now has a pixel array measuring 3200 x 1800. And it has touch support. Last year’s Blade had pixels measuring 1600 x 900, and didn’t support your greasy mitts.

Watch Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan's full interview with TechCrunch by going here.

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