Razer Marauder StarCraft II Keyboard Review

When Razer announced their lineup of StarCraft II licensed peripherals, I wondered how they would implement something like “StarCraft” into their products. Obviously once I got my hands on the TRON gaming mouse, I realized that Razer knows how to implement some of the cooler aspects of said licensed properties in completely unique ways.

And so today I’ll be looking at the Razer Marauder Gaming Keyboard, while I review the other peripherals in their StarCraft II lineup over the next days. The first thing you’ll notice right from the outset is that all the StarCraft II products are not only named after Terran units from StarCraft II, but that they look something exactly out of that universe.

For the full article please click: http://tbreak.com/tech/2011/02/razer-marauder-starcraft-ii-keyboard-review/ 

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