Razer’s New Blade Might Be The Perfect Gaming Laptop

Razer has clearly been listening. Two years ago, we practically panned the company's first laptop. But today, just three models later, the company's new 14-inch machine is promising nearly everything we asked for. Compared to the 14-inch Blade we loved last year, not a lot seems to have changed. Razer's using the same external chassis — just a tiny bit thicker at 0.7 inches — with the same keyboard, the same speakers, even the same Core i7 processor inside its frame.

But now, our primary criticisms have been addressed: that garish low-resolution 1600 x 900 display has been replaced with a crazy high-res 3200 x 1800 IGZO IPS screen that's incredibly crisp, with far wider 160-degree viewing angles, less color shift, and which the company says is responsive enough for gaming. “People were calling for us to bring a 1080p screen to market, and we think we've crushed that,” says the company.

Read the full take on The Verge.

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